How puppies are raised

Things I do with all puppies  

8-72 hours old we go to the vets get tails and dew claws done as well as checking  palates  to make sure none of the puppies have a cleft palate 

24-72 hours all puppies are weighed and color coded to keep track of which puppy is which, this is the color the puppy will be the entire time it is with me.

72-2 weeks weighed daily to make sure all are gaining as they should be

2 weeks-3 weeks doumated when each puppys open their eyes and ears check to make sure responds to sounds and movement

3-4 weeks introduce new toys and sounds and start holding in different positions to see who is more tollarte to everything. 

3-4 weeks start getting used to vibrations of clippers and water being dropped on them 

4 weeks deworming starts

4-5 weeks crate gets introduced along with puppy mush and bath time no soap just getting used to water. I do not use soap in the event a puppy does not do well with the bath we can stop and try the next day if you add soap you have to rinse regardless how the puppy reacts 

5-6 weeks moved down to puppy space and shown the fenced in outside world shots given at 6 weeks and vet checked  puppies divided into 2 crates access to the camera given to deposit holders, puppy learn to use a doggie door

6-7 weeks basic training and individual play time bath time and blow out divided again into crates soap is used puppies are normally gross  blow out stops and puppies air dry if the puppy does not do well  this needs to be as pleasant as possible so i try to not push and we go slow 

7-8 weeks   unexpected noises divided again 

8-9 weeks more training and play time each puppy in own crates full grooming

10 weeks wednesday before puppies go home 2nd sent of shots last deworming vet checked

weekend they turn 10 weeks puppies go home 

I am an ongoing source of information for health, training and nutrition and much more

I try and desensitize puppies to small children  (small children must be borrowed and are hard to find)

and more such as car rides, group socialization time and exposure to devices such as walkers, canes and crutches